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Kinetic Mass

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MASSADA is proud to present the newest collection of art eyewear inspired by the works and philosophy of art by Alexander Calder. It took us a few years to analyze the amazing art of Alexander Calder., And it took us a few years to turn our thoughts and conversations into an art utility. glasses. I visited and observed Calder's art. in various museums around the world. „Just as you can compose colors or shapes, you can also compose movements.” Alexander Calder. The eyeglass frame is a sculpture, set in motion by the wearer. We are all actors in the theater of life. (Calder might say in the circus of life) .Calder painted with shapes. We found a common denominator with his philosophy, as the spectacle frame has little time to be displayed as a stable object in the window optics and later became the kinetic sculpture, in endless movement for the user's usefulness. This is a real life form for the frame. Being present in our face, when we shake our head and when we smile, placed on our side by the bed when we sleep. For those who wear eyeglasses for correction, comfort is a mobile object in space. It is also a mechanically engineered substance, which is a legacy of Calder's work. The piece must be timeless to make our movement in the universe sustainable. Our collection, in ultra-thin β Titanium consists of.

STABLE, TIME, MOBILE, KINETIC, MOVEMENT, SPACE and A UNIVERSE, handmade in Japan, 24K gold plated, Calder-inspired in vintage Japanese Takiron acetate

- Handmade in Japan
- β Titanium
- Special rods inspired by Alexander Calder's sculpture
- Engraved titanium nose pads brand logo