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Aosept Plus

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Aosept Plus, now with HydroGlyde™, for contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes looking for superior cleanliness and comfort. One-step peroxide system for cleaning and disinfecting. With HydraglydeTM for long-lasting wetness and long-lasting comfort. Suitable for all types of contact lenses (hydrophilic, RPG or hybrid). Patented formula with triple action that disinfects, cleans in depth and eliminates deposits of lipids and proteins. No additional preservatives*: after complete neutralization, contact lenses remain submerged in a mild, buffered saline solution, similar to natural tears. Comfortable contact lenses every day like the first day. The care, hygiene and maintenance of the lenses allow the prevention of infections and other pathologies that can affect your eyes and your vision.
Precautions: Read the package leaflet carefully. Its misuse can compromise eye health.
Laboratory: Alcon
Brand: Aosept
Category: For all types of contact lenses
Packaging Type Packaging: 360ml